When in Roxas Blvd

Yesterday, I had this spontaneous trip of walking from Vito Cruz to Roxas Blvd and then to Pedro Gil. I was a bit scared at first or more like paranoid because I have been mugged and had a knife pointed at me somewhere in Manila but I decided to shrug that feeling off and decided to brave the streets of the city. I spent most of my time at Roxas Blvd waiting for that perfect sunset shot. While waiting, I was watching people from all walks of life. There were those who wanted to get fit, those who were briskly walking going to their next meeting and those lovey dovey couple who only need each other, a good view, crispy chicharon and a bottle of soda to have a perfect date. 🙂 Life there seemed to be so simple and laid back, I’ve seen someone took a bucket of water and then took a bath by the bay. lol! There were also those grandpas who were fishing using their makeshift fishing rod and someone approached me and offered to teach me which I gratefully accepted since I was so amazed by what they were doing and I got a teeny tiny fishy! 🙂 It was my first time to go fishing, the grandpa even told me that I can always come to Roxas blvd and he’ll let me borrow his fishing rod. After that little fishing stint, I walked some more to find the perfect spot to wait for the sunset. I found the spot and bought myself a drink because I was so thirsty from all that walking and talking with grandpa (forgot to ask for his name), and then a guy with a boombox sat next to me, usually, I would get so irritated with that loud and corny music but for some reason, I enjoyed it and I even sang along while bobbing my head, feeling the rhythm. Hahaha!

That impromptu photowalk made me realize how much I forgot life’s simple pleasures. While walking around, I saw kids who were so happy and content with their sodas in a plastic bag with no straw. I saw couples having a perfect afternoon without the fancy foods and places. I realized that life got so commercialized that a lot of people, including me, think that in order to have fun even just for a day, you have to have thousands of money in your wallet but my Roxas Blvd experience proved me wrong and taught a lot of things.

Needless to say, I enjoyed Roxas Blvd and its interesting people.I will definitely go back to chill there and hope that the sun isn’t covered by clouds. Looking forward! And oh, I spent 100  php for a 30 minute leg massage with a magnificent view of the dusky sky and a bottle of water.


P.S. Check my IG for the photos I took @iamtoneeainah 🙂


Author: serendipitousbeing

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