20 Things in my 20 Years

A month and a couple of days ago I turned 20, finally leaving my teenage years. I didn’t feel like it was a transition or a big leap like what most of my friends felt because basically I am still a youth.😉Even though I didn’t feel the transition that according to others I was supposed to feel, I made a list of the things I learned and narrowed it down to 20 because I am 20 years old now! So, here it goes..

1. Follow your ♥ 

– Do what makes you happy! Life is short to reserve myself from pursuing what I like. As long as I am not hurting anybody, I will go for it!

2. Do not be afraid/ashamed to explore new things.

– Through exploration, I have discovered things I never thought I can do. It allowed me to know myself better.

3. Do not be a know-it-all.

– Before, I was afraid to ask questions because I was afraid that others might see me as bird-brained so most of the times I will just pretend to know what everybody was talking about. It was not a good habit and I am thankful I was able   to get rid of it early. Don’t be afraid to ask questions. There will always be room     for learning. Nobody knows everything.

4. It is okay to ask for help.

– When I was young, I was trained to do everything by myself, especially academic things. So I kinda carried it out when I was growing older and find it hard to admit that I need help because for me, it was a sign of weakness.

5. I can’t please everybody.

– I can be the best person in the world and there will still be someone that doesn’t like me. And that’s okay because it is not my job to get them to like me.

6. Be kind.

– I always try to be kind even when I’m PMS-ing, didn’t have my daily dose of coffee or sleep. Why? Because over the years, I have learned that everyone has their own predicaments going on in their heads and being kind to them is the least I can do to help.

7. Always have a positive outlook.

– Negativity will take me nowhere and will just give me anxiety and doubts about myself and capabilities. Trust me on this, because I have been there.

8. Choose to see the good in other people.

– Everybody has their good and bad side, strengths and weaknesses, I always choose to see what’s good in them and I try my best to help them flourish their strengths.

9. It doesn’t matter what anybody thinks of me.

– If you’ll ask me why I look so happy, this is my secret.🙂 I don’t really care how other people (esp if they are not close to me) see me. Through the years, I learned to be confident in myself and with the things I can do. Of all the people here on earth, it is I who knows myself the best.🙂

10. I can be/do anything I want, I just have to work really hard for it.

– Nothing worth having comes easy! I have to fight for my degree, endure all the sleepless nights because in the end, the reward is much sweeter.

11. Take a break, disconnect to everyone and reconnect to yourself.

– In the hustle and bustle of life, I usually get myself disconnected from myself. It sounds absurd but it is possible. Sometimes I just do things just to comply and because I am expected to do it. When things are becoming too much to carry, I disconnect with everyone and everything to reconnect with myself, I do things I find pleasurable and things I am really passionate about. And when I’m ready to face the world again, I’ll smile, strut and show them how awesome I am. he he he

12. Me time is a time well spent.

– When I was younger, I used to pity those people who don’t have someone with them when going to the mall, coffee shop, etc. But now that I am older I find myself going out alone and I surprisingly enjoy it that I sometimes prefer to go out alone than with friends. When I’m alone, I get to reflect more on life and I am more productive.😀

13. I can choose my friends.

– They say friends are the family we get to choose and that’s right. Over the years I have learned and saw the importance of choosing the right set of friends. Compared to others, I have very few friends but all of them are friends whom I can confide and run to whenever life takes a toll on me. Quality over quantity!!

14. Stop complaining!

– It won’t get me anywhere and most definitely won’t fix a thing. If I don’t like something, I’ll go and change it.

15. Failure does not end everything.

– I failed a lot on life. I thought it was the end of me but I was wrong. Thankfully! I stumbled and then I got up wiser and stronger. It is okay to fail, as long as you will learn from it.

16. Life takes time to figure out.

– When I was in my early teen age years AKA my high school years, I have created a concrete plan for my life. It goes something like this: At 19, I already have my diploma, at 20, I am working, at 25, I have to have my serious and steady relationship, at 28 I should be married blah blah blah. Now that I am 20, I am still in college, obviously no diploma yet and still jobless. But that’s okay because…

17. …things are not always like how I planned and wanted it to be.

– I learned that I should never box myself within the plans I made when I was 14 or 15 years old. Things and circumstances change. Change is the only thing that is permanent in this life, if you’re not changing, you’re not growing. I should never punish myself for a plan that was not made into reality. Plans are just plans, they are only guidelines into achieving what we want in life. It can be changed and can totally be left undone.

18. It is okay to deviate from my parents’ plan for MY life.

– It is not them who will run MY life. It is my life and it is only fitting that I get to choose the things I like to pursue esp career wise. Of course, I will still take their opinions into consideration but it will always be my decision.

19. Be open with my family esp my parents.

– I don’t have the best and most amazing relationship with my parents and to be honest I sometimes envy my friends who can joke around with their parents. But life taught me that no matter how uptight or strict my parents are, whatever my problems are, I can and should tell it to them because they are my parents. Of all the people I know, they are the ones who can and will help me the most. No matter how big of a failure I am, I know that they still love me the same. All of the sermon and heart-piercing words were just to make me realize what I have done.


P.S. Life is a never ending series of choices. Whatever and wherever you are now is the result of your choices in the past.🙂 Be wise!


Author: serendipitousbeing

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