A letter of love, hope and confusion

“…because until that happened, I will still hold on and love you like I always did… “


Coffee shop is a place with diverse people, in here, you can see business men and women answering never ending emails, students who are cramming a paper (like me) or studying for an upcoming exam, friends who catch up or commiserate with each other. And today, as I am about to finish a paper that is due 12 mn today, I can’t help but eavesdrop (they are talking really loud, ok? haha) to the 2 girls next to my table. They look like they are best friends and the other girl is crying miserably, loud enough to draw attention to them but they don’t give a fuck. I heard her telling to her best friend that she wants to write a letter to her boyfriend whom she really loved and loves so much. This boyfriend of her just disappeared with no warning, no nothing, he just disappeared like a bubble. I heard almost everything which automatically stirred my mind and got it working. So instead of finishing my paper, I wrote a letter for the boyfriend of this miserable lady. Hehe.

I mustered all my courage to write this letter to you. I poured my heart and soul into this letter with the hope of getting a response from you. It’s been 5 months since the last time I saw and talked to you. The longest 5 months of my life. I miss you. Everything about you. Your laughs, your deep and modulated voice, your warm hands and hugs that never failed to make me feel warm and cozy whenever I’m cold which pretty much happens all the time. I miss our late night talks where we used to share our dreams, fear and the littlest thing we can possibly think of. I miss you. I long for you. My heart and body long for you. Why did you leave me? Have I done something wrong? Is there something I haven’t done? Did I hurt or offend you? You left me cluelessly  hanging to all your promises, all our plans. It has been 5 months and yet, here I am, waiting and hoping that one day you’ll back to me. My friends tell me I’m crazy, that I am wishfully thinking, that I should stop, move on and start dating again but what if you come back? What if you still want to be with me and you just needed some time to find yourself? I don’t want to hurt you! So I will patiently wait for you.I still believe that you will come back to me and we will be exactly how we were 5 months ago. I closed all my doors and will only open them for you. Not a day passes by without me missing you terribly. For now I will just have to satisfy myself watching our videos and looking at our photos until the day you come back to me and hug me and make me feel warm, wanted and loved. Please come back to me. I can;t imagine life without you.  We were the perfect couple! We understand each other, we complement each other. You said life will never be the same without me. So why did you leave me? You left with no explanation. You just left. If somehow, you fall out of love to me, please just come back for one last time, let me hug you so tight while you tell me why you left because until that happened, I will still hold on and love you like I always did… 

Now back to finishing my paper! Hehe.



I hope that girl gets the explanation closure she needs.

Author: serendipitousbeing

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