A long overdue blog

I finally decided to make a blog! Woop woop!

My mind has been all over these past few days and I don’t want to bombard my facebook friends with a ton of notes showing how ADHD my mind is. I have been inundated with thoughts not totally welcomed in my mind because it can only cater for a certain number of things that I should be worrying about, if it exceed than that, you’ll see me in a mental health care, I guess. Hahaha! It’s either I find someone who can commiserate with how I am feeling which is far from how I roll or keep it to myself and end up in a mental institution. HAHAHAH! So, I decided to make this blog; a place where I can fully express myself and consider it my breathing space. 🙂

Good night, beautiful people! (Assuming that I already have readers.) LOL.


Author: serendipitousbeing

Anything goes! :)

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